Su abbott, abstract painter


About Me.  I am a self-taught contemporary abstract painter and live in the Atlanta area. I was raised in a military family, spending my childhood overseas and all over the Eastern United States. These dynamic early experiences instilled a life-long interest in diverse people and places,  art and culture, as well as for strong bonds to family and friends. I've held a wild assortment of careers including jewelry sales, stand-up comedy and pet sitting.  Aside from creating my art, I like to spend time cooking for friends, wine tasting, watching my home teams (Braves and Falcons) play, and cuddling up with my kitties.

About My Art.  I began painting in 2003, sort of on a whim, but to see how I might be able to express my creative energy through visual art.  I found that I enjoy working with high-quality acrylic paint mixed with textured mediums on either stretched canvas or wood panels.  I utilize palette knives, scrapers, textured papers and other random odds and ends to create my images.  All of my paintings are original works and my process and style is ever evolving.  I find inspiration for my paintings in the subtleties of nature, in my daily interactions with humanity, and from a lifetime packed with unforgettable experiences.

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